Power demand is rising exponentially, creating pressure for new, sustainable energy sources. Aging infrastructure including national transmission grid must be upgraded and modernized to meet stringent safety, environmental, quality, and regulations standards. Owners and operators of energy and process-intensive industries are also getting pressure to be more competitive in global markets, from raw materials price escalations, operation excellence, and the shortage of skilled labors.

With the challenges above, we invite various customers to our Same Fuel XTRAi Power® approach to excellence in energy efficiency.

Our team will assess the upstream process of identifying raw materials to the downstream of generated waste streams where it can be recaptured and used over and over. We will provide a suitable package which tailors to the customer site. Reliable, clean and robust useful resources from waste streams should be a reality. 

Our solutions include:

  • Power Recycling (WHP & Cogeneration)

  • Fuel from Waste

  • Power from Waste

  • Pollution Prevention

The layout below represents a custom design-build involving multiple technologies:

HiP logo with proud member wording.jpg