Pollution Prevention (PP)

RAI will provide suitable emission intensive reduction technologies (Particulate, NOx, Acid Gas) for the energy and process-intensive industries, in various modes (from standard operating conditions to hot gas applications <400°C "750°F">).

Since our inception, we have been delivering various industrial emission reduction solutions (Dust Collections and Rotating Equipment "Inlet Treatment/HRSG") to our customers in power generations and intensive processes.

Custom Design Dry Gas Scrubber

Dry scrubbing is used to remove corrosive and toxic gases (such as SO2 & HCl) from industrial exhaust streams.

Toxic gas removal at temperatures above 750°F  to prevent reformation of dioxins is our specialty. 

RAI provides a feeder that injects sodium bicarbonate with a ceramic filtration package that will meet this critical compliance but would yield a cost reduction for the customer.

A certain amount of the sodium bicarbonate converts to a gas, which means less material ends in the landfill.

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