RAI Full LifeCycle has selected best in class technologies and product offerings that complement our value in the market. These values consist of our core beliefs in the Same Fuel XTRAi Power® approach and total lifecycle management of materials. We have the full spectrum of waste conversion technologies and associated systems.



One of the essential components in a cogeneration and power recovery package is the heat exchanger module. Within, the energy and process-intensive industries, waste heat can be corrosive and contains abrasive particles that build up and coat the surfaces of the waste heat system. In this type of application, traditional heat exchangers can quickly become clogged or damaged due to the on-going high thermal stresses.

The Econotherm heat pipe heat exchanger (HPHE) has overcome these problems, and there are various installed project references across the globe.

Econotherm's HPHE technology extracts more heat from more heat sources than other forms of a heat exchanger and to many different types of condensing medium.

Econotherm's HPHE has multiple redundancies, operates in an isothermal mode, no pipe thermal stress, no corrosion, low-pressure drop during operation. 

RAI is using Econotherm HPHE in multiple projects as part of a cogeneration or power recovery package for power generation, cement, steel, ceramic or other industrial applications.



INTEC GMK is one of the leading Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) manufacturers. It offers complete cogeneration (electrical/thermal power) modules from a high volume of generated waste heat. Multiple advantages: 

  • The fluid carrier is a thermal oil which enhances the reliability of the turbine blades

  • High efficiency in partial load due to the fluctuating nature of various processes (Cement/Steel)

  • Operate in automated mode and ideal in a remote region as it does not require a licensed technician

Capacity range: 300 KW to 5 MW.


Impact Bioenergy

Containerized Anaerobic Digestion (AD) product lines system. Converts food waste, animal waste to biomethane (RNG) that can utilize to useful resources such as power resources or pipeline quality gas.

Containerized system can be mobilized for an urban waste application.

The byproduct is a replacement of chemical fertilizers that promote plant-endophyte relationships and healthy plant growth, fuller root systems with more biomass, vigor, and nutrients.

Capacity daily: 0.10 ton - 3 tons.


Weber Entec

On Biogas and WWTP facilities, biosolid sludge tends to be problematic for owners and operators that would cause ongoing chronic problems if it does not have a complete, robust clean technology solution. We represent a superior sludge disintegration product that uses ultrasonic waves to reduce the sludge viscosity to extend the life of the pumping, and stirring components and enhance the following:

  • Improved flow properties

  • Acceleration of organic degradation 

  • Eliminate foam/fibrous bacteria “WWTP.”

  • Sludge disposal reduction

  • Power consumption reduction

With the improvements above, the designated site will benefit from an increase in the biogas production which can use for various renewable energy sources such as CHP or Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) station.

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