Power from Waste 

Across the globe, the volume of waste is escalating steadily because of growing populations, rising standards of living and increased urbanization. The escalation is in the municipal, Industrial, agriculture and medical markets.

Waste conversion is emerging as a critical component of renewable energy solutions and environmental protection strategies across the globe.

Our core objective is to convert the material to a valuable utility at the specific site that is generating waste and divert the waste from the landfill. We have various solutions that can benefit the waste generators and collectors.

Combustion Power with Advanced Gas Treatment System 

Combustion solution consists of three major modules (Firing section, Energy block, and Emission control). 

RAI will customize a solution based on the customer feedstock properties, capacity, regional mandate. Also, customer requirements for power resources such as electrical or district energy or both. All of these requirements would comply for various international, national and local agencies.

Distributed Bioenergy Solution

The generation of the biowaste waste stream is increasing at an exponential rate. The stream is coming across metropolitan and rural regions and from various markets and industries.

This unique process is an acceleration of a natural reaction by the anaerobic digestion process. The process is a living system that converts organic waste into energy and a byproduct that replaces a chemical fertilizer.

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